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Peptide Synthesizers

Peptide synthesizers are used in many applications: batch synthesizers for preparing a few peptides for research, high-throughput synthesizers to prepare peptide libraries for drug discovery, scale-up and mini-pilot plant peptide synthesizers for larger scale production. AAPPTec peptide synthesizers are specially designed for their applications, making them efficient, highly productive, and easy-to-use. To learn more about AAPPTec peptide synthesizers and their applications, click here.


Titan 357 Peptide Synthesizers
titan 357 peptide synthesizer
Titan 357 Peptide Synthesizers

Peptide synthesizers Titan 357 and Matrix 384 utilize two different approaches to high throughput peptide synthesis. Titan 357 peptide synthesizers utilize combinatorial methodology developed by Furka to produce libraries containing vast numbers of peptides for screening. The Titan 357 produces a mixture of beads, each containing a discrete peptide. The mixture can be screened then active compounds can be identified by micro-sequencing or deconvolution methods. The Titan 357 peptide synthesizer can produce libraries containing millions of compounds for rapid and efficient high throughput screening. The Matrix 384 peptide synthesizer utilizes parallel methodology to prepare up to 384 individual, isolated peptides. The Matrix 384 is especially useful for preparing peptide libraries for epitope mapping and structure-activity studies.

Titan 357 peptide synthesizers can be utilized 3 ways:
  • As a "split-and-mix" combinatorial peptide synthesizer
  • As a 36 parallel peptide synthesizer
  • As a 500 ml scale-up peptide synthesizer
 Split-and-Mix Combinatorial Peptide Synthesizers
Titan 357 peptide synthesizers can produce hundreds of thousands to millions of peptides by the "mix-and-split" process described by Furka (Furka A, et al. Int. J. Peptide Protein Res. 1991, 37, 487). Matrix 357 peptide synthesizers produce resin-bound libraries in which each resin bead has a single discrete peptide. The number of different library components is limited mainly by the number of resin beads used to prepare the library. The entire library is screened by high-throughput screening procedures to find beads containing products of interest, then those products are identified by microsequencing or deconvolution methods.
split and mix combinatorial peptide synthesizers
36 Parallel Peptide Synthesizers
Titan-357 peptide synthesizers can prepare up to 36 separate peptides simultaneously in thirty-six 10-mL reaction wells of the reactor assembly. The delivery arm of the Titan 357 accurately and precisely transfers reagents from any point on the worktable to assure reproducible, high quality products.
500 mL Scale-up Peptide Synthesizers
The reactor assembly of Titan-357 peptide synthesizers features a 500 mL reaction vessel that can be used to prepare larger quantities of a single peptide. Vortex mixing, nitrogen bubbling or a combination of both ensure complete mixing and optimum reactions. The Titan-357 can prepare multigram quantities of peptide utilizing either Boc or Fmoc protocols.
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Matrix Peptide Synthesizers
matrix peptide synthesizers
Matrix Peptide Synthesizers
Matrix 384 peptide synthesizers are specially designed for high throughput parallel synthesis applications. Matrix 384 peptide synthesizers can prepare up to 384 different peptides at the same time. Each peptide is prepared in discrete, isolated reactor wells. The identity of each product produced by Matrix peptide synthesizers is known without additional testing. Matrix peptide synthesizers produce enough peptide for multiple screenings without resynthesis.
Matrix 384 peptide synthesizers have a number of features for rapid high throughput parallel synthesis. These features include:
  • 4 Independent reactor assemblies
  • Reactor heating for faster, higher yielding reactions
  • 6-in-line multiprobe for rapid solvent and reagent delivery
  • N2-assisted bottom filtration
  • Variable speed vortex mixing
Matrix 384 peptide synthesizers are also capable of preparing parallel small organic molecule libraries..
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Focus XC Peptide Synthesizers
focus xc peptide synthesizers
Focus XC Peptide Synthesizers
Focus XC peptide synthesizers are batch style synthesizers that can prepare up to 6 different peptides simultaneously for rapid peptide production on larger scale. Focus peptide synthesizers can automatically execute entire peptide syntheses, including cleavage from the resin. Focus XC peptide synthesizers dissolve and preactivate dry amino acids in twenty-four 90-mL vessels. The activated amino acid solutions can be dispensed all at once for a single coupling or can be dispensed in portions multiple times to multiple reactors. Focus XC options with 36 and 48 vessels for expanded operational capabilities are available.
Focus XC peptide synthesizers utilize a measuring vessel to accurately measure and deliver reagents and activated amino acid solutions. All fluid transfers are performed under nitrogen pressure to maintain maximum activity throughout the peptide synthesis.
With an optional heating and sonication module Focus XC peptide synthesizers can prepare even difficult peptides with high purity and yield. Unlike microwave synthesizers that apply heat at each coupling, Focus XC peptide synthesizers heat and sonicate only during the coupling steps that you choose.
ACP HPLC Large Peptide HPLC
Crude Peptides Prepared Using Focus XC Peptide Synthesizers
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